January 27, 2023
🚀 Product Updates

unDraw+ v1 is now live

Cover for unDraw+ v1 is now live

It's been a while since we posted an update but today is the day! The v1 of unDraw+ is live after being in the works for quite some time. Not only a complete redesign but a major update for how everything works.

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February 8, 2022
🚀 Product Updates

Minor Handcrafts update

Cover for Minor Handcrafts update

Since launching this collection, a few months ago, the use cases for Handcrafts are now more clear. So it's time to add new ones. This update brings a progressively more defined style, with lighter brush strokes. This will increase effectiveness and versatility significantly. Also the subject of each illustration continues to cover a wide variety of topics until there are more data on which ones are more useful and in demand.

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December 18, 2021
🔥 Announcements

4 Years of unDraw

Cover for 4 Years of unDraw

Time for the traditional post to outline what happened the past year and the goals for the next one. It’s gonna be longer than usual, so no pressure to read this! :-)

It’s certainly been a weird year. From following up on the decision to lead unDraw into maintenance mode to prepare it for the future, to almost getting acquired which wasted most of the year and finally getting back on track in the last quarter. While last year I couldn’t believe unDraw surpassed 400k users twice, this year the average was over 400k which is quite amazing for a 2-person project.

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November 29, 2021
🚀 Product Updates

Moving from a 5 to 4-grid view

Cover for Moving from a 5 to 4-grid view

The desktop grid now will feature 4 illustrations per row. It’s a small but significant change from the original one, featuring 5, that we had adopted since unDraw launched.

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