December 18, 2021
🔥 Announcements

4 Years of unDraw

Time for the traditional post to outline what happened the past year and the goals for the next one. It’s gonna be longer than usual, so no pressure to read this! :-)

Illustration of people celebrating with the unDraw logo on them

It’s certainly been a weird year. From following up on the decision to lead unDraw into maintenance mode to prepare it for the future, to almost getting acquired which wasted most of the year and finally getting back on track in the last quarter.

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November 29, 2021
🚀 Product Update

Moving from a 5 to 4-grid view

Animated illustration of a girl next to a computer with 5 boxes rows, turning into 4 boxes.

The desktop grid now will feature 4 illustrations per row. It’s a small but significant change from the original one, featuring 5, that we had adopted since unDraw launched.

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